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"Last weekend I had the amazing opportunity to go to TANROH’S launch party.
The ever so beautiful and polite designer, Lisa Higuchi put on an empowering show
inspired by the steadfast women in Lisa’s life.

Numerous of her friends, family, and supporters gathered for her party.
Located in a loft in Downtown LA,  I got to interview Lisa
who was wearing a chic sleeveless knit dress with a mockneck –
that she made the night before, may I add!

We chatted about  her inspirations and start as a Designer.
This down to earth designer explained the meaning behind TANROH
and why it’s so important to her.
TANROH means the strength in character,
Lisa see’s this strength in her mother, and her closest friend, Mindy.

Starting out studying bio science for her undergrad in college,
Lisa never had the “formal” training, but used her free time to design clothes for her store on Etsy,
through her store she learned the business side of Fashion.

Now to the clothes! TANROH’S look aesthetic is very minimal with a twist of interesting detail.
All of the clothes were carefully tailored, clean,
and are honestly just great staple pieces!
The show of course put a great representation of Lisa’s Designs.

 The whole experience was very compelling.  
Everyone that has contributed to Lisa came up and said great words about her.
After the show she too came up oozing with humility and gratefulness.
She thanked just about everyone that was there!

So inspiring to see a women who pushes for her dreams with a great support system.
Lisa,I wish you and your brand the best, and I will definitely be shopping TANROH."

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Photography by Angella Choe



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